Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There is a time and a place to being studying for an organic chemistry exam, and right now probably should be that time (10:20 PM, three days before the exam) and that place (the library). But I just finished writing a journal for a theology class and I have been thinking about too many things to begin studying for organic chemistry just yet. Perhaps in half an hour.

I want to paint. Very badly.

Things that make me want to paint:

A) Vitor Westhelle's chapter entitled Cross and Eschatology, from his book The Scandalous God. For most of this book, I have been aggravated, either because his language is so dense I can't understand it, or because I'm an atheist and don't get much of it anyway. But I understood this chapter. And his way of describing the strange divide in Western thought between space and time was phenomenal. I want to make a painting...a large one...5' by 5'?....and put what I can't say in words onto canvas in the way that makes sense to me.

B) Dan Attoe. Because he looked at my paintings and told me they were good, and then told me to make more.

C) Meeting an interesting new person. Interesting is not the right word. It has more layers than that. Again...paint. Layers of paint.

D) Being busy...it's always when you can't do something that you really want to do it, isn't it?

This concludes my rare post in text. It will probably just be a painting next time. I like paint more than words. Sadly, words are all I can do at the moment.


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